CFBC Code of Practice

CFBC Guiding Principles for Members

  1. Operate in a collaborative business environment.
  2. Act in compliance with applicable regulations.
  3. Fulfill obligations and commitments with honesty, integrity, and courtesy towards all clients and other forestry consultants through the following:

CFBC Member Responsibilities

  1. To The Client:
    • Provide demonstrated value to the client;
    • Discharge professional responsibilities with confidentiality, integrity and complete loyalty to the terms of their assignments;
    • Accept only those assignments for which they are qualified or for which they unite with other competent experts; and
    • Disclose any conflicts of interest to their clients prior to accepting a contract or when such conflict may arise.
    • Ensure that their prescriptions and recommendations are sound.
    • Express forestry opinions to clients in a complete, objective, truthful, and accurate manner.
  2. To Other Forestry Consultants:
    • Relate to other forestry consultants with integrity and in a manner that will enhance the professional stature of forestry consulting.
    • Compete fairly with other forestry consultants, offering professional services on the basis of qualifications and experience.
    • Inform other forestry consultants of their assignment when engaged by a client to review the work of those forestry consultants and avoid public statements that may harm the reputation or business of that consultant.
    • Treat employees with integrity, provide for their proper compensation, and demand high ethical standards in their work. In addition, support their employees’ professional qualifications and personal development and assign work to them within their areas of expertise.
  3. To The Public:
    • As outlined in the ABCFP Code of Ethics.

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