New Website Launched!


Our new website is live!

We have developed the CFBC website to highlight member benefits and encourage new membership.  We created a clean, professional look that may be implemented into the Postcard and other marketing materials as needed.  We have focussed on a highly functional Services Directory with great search capabilities, and given CFBC members their own user account for added features.

General Functionality

The CFBC website has been designed with current web standards and cross-browser compatibility.  The entire site is search engine friendly, and we have implemented SEO keywords from your industry, and used all of the member categories as keywords for search queries as well.

The site is also responsive – this enables the website layout to adapt to the viewing device, whether the visitor is using large screen computer, iPod, iPad, tablet, mobile device, etc.  This will provide the viewer easy reading and less scrolling.  The website will adapt to the size needed for best display, so important information is not missed.

There is an ad space area at top right that may changed by admin as needed (advertiser supplies sized ad), and the entire site text is editable by the organization’s administrator.

Services Directory

The directory page feeds in all of the listing categories, and displays the listing quantity in brackets, making it very quick and easy to see which services are offered and how many companies offer them. Once a category is clicked, the user has the opportunity to view the list in a variety of ways, default (recent to oldest), alphabetical etc. The user may also click on the map icon if they want to select the company closest to a particular location. Listings may also be searched via the Operating Region Tags at bottom, or via the Search Bar at the top. This makes searching effective and simple across a broad range of user preferences. Newly added listings (3) are populated to the sidebar.

Website Member Accounts

Each member of CFBC has been set up with their own user account.  This enables them to add/edit their listing, rate and review members, (all must be approved by admin), allows members to add certain listings to their favourites for easy future reference.  Members sign in at using a password provided by the administrator.

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