Membership Testimonials

Here’s what some of our members have to say about the benefits of membership

“Membership in the CFBC provides us with both financial and professional benefits. Professional benefits are gained through discussion, cooperation and collaboration with like-minded companies (many of which are our competitors) on issues that concern the forest consulting industry at large. Principle amongst these in recent years has been contracting practices carried out by government agencies (i.e., BC Timber Sales). Financial benefits are realized through the affinity programs available to us through the Truck Loggers Association “Associated” status via our CFBC membership. The savings we have realized through the TLA group benefits program since 2009 have been substantial.”

Mike Trepanier, Vice-President of the CFBC


“Membership in the CFBC serves to coordinate the mutual interests of consulting sector and influence real change in the business environment.  Our firm continues to benefit from the opportunity to work alongside established leaders in the industry as we advocate to strategically advance the forest sector with the flexibility, innovation and expertise BC’s resource consultants are known for.”

Jon Lok, Past President of the CFBC


“Consultants based in the interior can feel disassociated from the decision making centers in the south and on the coast. My involvement in the CFBC, and in particular on the executive, has allowed our firm insight and connections that would otherwise not be available to us. We have also benefited financially from the affinity programs offered.”

Owen Fehr, Treasurer of the CFBC



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